Three Ways SMEs Can Tap into The E-commerce Market

E-commerce is here to stay, as the new normal in the Covid-19 pandemic. E-commerce sales grew by 27.6% in 2020, with sellers going with their brands on platforms like Lazada, Shoppe etc. Here are some tips for SMEs to prepared for developing their offerings and capabilities in the local e-commerce market.


1.         Rethinking the online shopping experience

If the customer is enjoying the shopping experience online, they will be extremely likely to complete the purchase and return for more. Online stores therefore need to be reconfigured to deliver more personalized, curated shopping experiences. 

2.         Addressing local consumer trends

Consumer trends differ from market to market. By connecting with counterparts in respective geographies, sellers can stay updated with the latest and greatest in individual markets to enable them to optimize their listings.  

3.         Team up with trusted logistics providers with global reach

To fully reap the benefits of e-commerce, SMEs will have to offer fast and reliable delivery options to major destinations across the country. Collaborating with logistics service providers will help businesses navigate border regulations and customs procedures that differ from market to market. 

As the growth of e-commerce turns heads and creates new opportunities, SMEs that can adapt will be able to reap the benefits and boost their business in a long-term, sustainable manner.


Kuchai Lama